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About Trinity3Who we are

Trinity3 Technology is wholly immersed in the K-12 and higher education marketplaces.  When we formed Trinity3 we assembled some of the best technical, service and sales professionals in the industry. Our team has over 100 years of experience working in the education technology space and we understand the unique needs you have delivering technology to the students and staff. Our focus on the education marketplace drives the products and services we offer.  For years our work with educational institutions has taught us that not only are the product needs of schools unique but the services they require are too.


Our Products

Trinity3 Technology’s product offering is comprised of Recertified and New Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and ASUS systems including Chromebooks. All products are custom built to your exact requirements. Our Dell, HP & Lenovo/IBM servers; NetApp, EMC, Dell & HP storage; and our Cisco, HP & Dell networking products are also custom configured to your specific requirements; and our robust service offerings are designed to complement your technology investments.


Our Services

In our market space we have made popular, services like a “Parts Closet”, “Advanced Exchange”, “Custom Imaging” and “Extended Billing”. As the technology needs of the marketplace change so do the service needs. That is why Trinity3 Technology can customize solutions that fit each individual client. Our industry leading warranties and budget friendly pricing add value that is unsurpassed.


Our People

What makes Trinity3 Technology unique is not just the products and services we offer but the people who stand behind them. Each member of our team shares the same motto, “With Trinity3, it’s personal.” To us, every relationship matters, every order matters, every time we interact with you we make the personal investment to understand how we can add value.  We will listen and propose the optimal products and services to maximize both your budget and the technology products purchased. It is this personal care that garners us the highest customer loyalty in the industry.


Our Purpose

We will listen and propose the optimal product and service solution to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are committed to delivering an exceptional value to maximize budgets and technology access to all districts, schools and students both public and private.

We are further dedicated to the repurposing of computer technology to maximize the useful life and to reduce e-waste.

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