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Education Technology Leasing & Financing

Education Technology Leasing & FinancingBudgets, budgets and more budgets-we all know it’s very challenging to maximize your technology while staying within your planned technology budget.

The cost to implement your optimal technology solution can often be a significant hurdle.  Leasing and financing provides your district and schools with the flexibility to acquire the right technology in an extremely cost effectively manner.

Trinity3 has formal agreements in place with two exceptional leasing partners to provide you with alternative, scalable and very flexible financing options.

Offering either standard (fair market value-FMV) leases or finance ($1 buyout) leases we can design a lease structure to meet your unique needs and as always with our exceptional Trinity3 customer service.

Standard Leases (FMV) generally have lower monthly/annual payments due to an established market value for the equipment at the end of the lease.

Finance Leases ($1 out) generally have a higher monthly/annual payment due to the entire value of the equipment being recovered over the lease term.

  • With both FMV and $1 out leases you have the choice to purchase the product at lease end.
  • New equipment, accessories, software, warranties, extended warranties, installation and all soft costs including freight can be included in the lease.
  • Projects with a new & reconditioned equipment blend can be leased and also include the accessories, software, warranties, extended warranties, installation and other soft costs.
  • Reconditioned equipment projects including the accessories, software, warranties, extended warranties, installation and all soft costs are $1 Buy-out leases.
  • Any new equipment that is etched must be a $1 Buy-out lease.

Whether you purchase your technology or opt to explore your various leasing options, Trinity3 is here to help from start to finish and will work in tandem with you to secure your best options.  Let us know-we’re here to help.

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