Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines & Resources

We encourage your use of the Trafera brand with your promotional materials.
You can use the logo and copy on this page. We ask that you please follow our guidelines.

If you use the Trafera logo and/or copy, it must be reviewed by Al Tollefson, the Trafera Web Manager. Simply email Al the URL of the page you are adding us to, and he will review its use and get back to you quickly.

Please email Al if you need additional Copy or Images.


(please right click the link & Save link as... to download.)


Download Company Profile PDF for PR copy. (14k PDF)

  • Web Colors
  • Trafera Green - Hex: #297C03
  • Trafera Blue - Hex: #1D579F
  • Trafera Charcoal - Hex: #514D4C


With Trafera, it’s personal.

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