Trinity3 Platinum Warranty

Individual System Warranty & Accidental Damage Warranty

The Trinity3 Platinum warranty includes the individual system warranty and accidental damage warranty mentioned in Trinity3 Gold but provides the very best protection available for your technology investment. In addition to the Trinity3 Gold warranty, we increase the per device limit to unlimited and provide coverage for theft/loss up to 2% of total units purchased or under warranty agreement. Battery coverage is 1 year for Laptops and we extend the 1 year battery coverage to 3 years on New Chromebooks.

Trinity3 will repair or replace (at our sole discretion) hardware failure and damage by accident for the specific serialized system purchased from Trinity3 or the specific technology covered under our extended or upgraded warranty agreement with an unlimited per device limit. ADP applies only for the designated coverage period from the date of original purchase or date of warranty agreement and is not transferable. The warranty protection period varies by product type and the specific coverage period is indicated on the order invoice and/or warranty agreement.

Trinity3 Platinum warranties are limited to an individual user accidental damage incident that renders the system unusable. ADP is not intended to and does not protect multi-system damage events nor does it protect against the following: general use wear and tear, cosmetic wear, vandalism, human/natural disasters (including, but not limited to: fire, smoke, flood, power surge and storm-related damages) and laptop battery replacement. Warranty coverage on laptop batteries (New & Recertified) is one year with one battery replacement from the date of purchase. Chromebook batteries is three years (on new mobile devices only) with one battery replacement from the date of purchase. Trinity3 warranties exclude replacement of lost or stolen stylus/EMR pen/Apple pencil. *Trinity3 will replace a manufacturer’s defective unit or 1x damage event for the lifetime of the warranty period with the pre-exchange of the damaged unit.

Trinity3 Silver
(Similar to OEM Warranty)
Trinity3 Gold
(Trinity3 Default Warranty)
Trinity3 Platinum
Deductible $0 $0 $0
Hardware Fail
Send Parts for Repair
Advance Exchange
Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
Spare Parts On-site
Theft / Loss
Per Device Limit on ADP N/A 1 Unlimited
Shipping We pay shipping both ways We pay shipping both ways We pay shipping both ways
Battery 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Laptop / 3 Year New Chromebook
(1 replacement\ea.)
Stylus/EMR Pen/Apple pencil N/A 1 per device* 1 per device*

Per incident support information.



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